10 Easy Steps to Efficient Skilling

1.) Clan avatars/capping – Regardless if you like clans or not get one with an ava and use it as much as possible..the 3-6% xp boost pays off in the end and it stacks with outfits…capping provides you with free xp for capping atleast 2/3rds of the way and they offer cap boosters too.

2.) Skilling outfits – Take advantage of skiling outfits that (+5) stacks with avas giving you a max of (+11%) xp boost.

3.) Daily challenges – These can provide you with 40-100k xp free for 10-20 mins of work but thats not always worth for all skills so take advantage of vis wax if needed to change the task.

4.) Efficient Skilling – If looking to max out look for ways 2 combine multiple skills such as dungeoneering. (c2 fishing,c3 woodcutting/fishing)

5.) Minigames – These can provide xp for alot of skills but decided if the bonus xp gained per hour is under 50% of the xp you already gain in an hour your actually being less efficient.

6.) Combat skilling – Never train defence with melee…it can be combined with range or mage till 99 then change them to train just defence leaving 2 skills to get 99 with melee instead of 3.

7.) Buyables – If looking to max, use cash on herblore/prayer coz you could save up on lamps/free xp for summoning as it requires charm collection as well as cost for items.

8.) Portables – They are a great way to gain even more xp per hour along with saving supplies (portables fc) will provide you with endless portables so dont worry about extra cost to purchase them.

9.) Questing – Nobody likes questing but its a necessity for max xp rates so if looking to eventually max out don’t be afraid to do a few quest series that provide big xp lamps or unlock content.

10.) Task Sets-These can be tedious but like quests they provide big xp lamps for elite sets and provide you with outfits which save you supplies and even give extra xp while skilling for some sets.

Good Luck to those who are on the road to Max Cape…