10 Fun Things to do when Bored or don’t know what to do while Playing Runescape!

Have you ever had that feeling that you are so bored that you almost do not know what to do in Runescape? Or have you ever felt like you do not wish to train but do something that contributes to society or help others? Well, this is the right guide which will motivate you to look at the game in a positive view.

1. Explore Gielinor

Every player is aware of the Runescape map, and some places are known by heart. But yet there are places that surely not everyone is aware of. It is recommended to wander around Gielinor and keep on discovering new places and passages that lead to other cities offering a lot of new content to play which unlocks so many new tasks and achievements and other aspects of the game.

2. Join a clan

Need to find a group of online players that you can talk to on a regular basis? Or need to find a different way to skill not in the usual environment? Then why not join a clan?

Some clans create their own events like drop parties, skilling competitions, minigames, social meetings, community fests and a lot more.

A clan is upgraded from Tier 1 (lowest) to Tier 7 (highest). Each clan has its own citadel where one can find the Battlefield, Avatar fountain and plots used for skilling which is called ‘capping’.

The possible skills one can train in a citadel (considering a Tier 7 clan are; Woodcutting, Mining, Smithing, Firemaking, Cooking, Crafting and Summoning. Capping makes the player get experience according to the skill trained on the respective skill plots donating resources to the clan citadel in order to make it easier to upgrade Tiers or to build projects inside the clan citadel.

Socialising with friends is the main moto of creating clans where people can join together to play rather than being a Lone Wolf, however, I do recommend capping because it is much more than just gaining xp, in all its a very afk method, its fun to do and also gives free experience without any resources needed! So why not cap while you have a chat with other clan members?

3. Spare some coins to low levelers.

Feeling a bit generous? Why not hop to a free to play world and help those who cannot afford a bond by donating some money to some low level players? It may be just a simple gesture for you, but for others it might be that you made their day!

4. Set Goals

Not feeling like skilling or doing clue scrolls? A fun way to train is by setting goals. One can set up ‘goals’ or personalized tasks either to motivate oneself to achieve levels or to make some money. Another way to make it more exciting is by competing against a friend to see who will finish first!

For example:

  • Kill 50 Blue Dragons
  • Cut 100 Yew Logs
  • Finish a Slayer Task
  • Mine 30 Runite ores

5. Finish Achievement Tasks / Questing

Instead of doing the same things over and over again, why not do some quests or some achievement tasks? Quests are really helpful as they unlock certain items and also unlock more places in Gielinor!

For instance, I really wanted to unlock Prifddinas. The quest to unlock Prifddinas is Plague’s End, however this quest has a lot of requirements and other sub-quests to complete. I set my mind to unlock this city, so I enjoyed doing the quests as I knew, I will achieve something that I really wanted. Achievement tasks unlock many items that facilitate skilling. It may also be rewarding – For Example, unlocking all Lumbridge & Draynor tasks (easy, medium and hard tasks) results in the player being rewarded with an ‘Explorer’s Ring 4’ (which has many benefits like the unlimited free Cabbage Teleport)

6. Multitask

Another way to afk training (example: Cutting elder logs or mining rocks) is watching a movie or a series. Most of the people prefer this method rather than the one mentioned below. Apart from movies, one can study, re-write college notes, chat on social media or just do some housework while afking.

7. Multi-log

Finding it boring or a never-ending journey to skill high level skills? Why not create a new account and log both accounts at the same time and train both at the same time?

Multi-logging is allowed.

8. Find different ways of skilling

Sometimes changing the way of how to skill makes the person more motivated. For instance, instead of training Runecrafting by going to an altar, one can train in Runespan; or instead of Slaying alone, why not co-op slaying with a friend? It may seem the same, but slaying with someone can be faster and definitely more fun!

9. Find that perfect outfit

Bored skilling or fighting monsters or making potions? Why not spare some time finding that perfect outfit for yourself? Although skilling is important, it will be extremely fun dressing your player in an awesome style!

10. Motivate families and friends to start playing Runescape

Bored of playing Runescape alone? Why not encourage some family members or friends to start playing Runescape with you? Having a real life friend or a family member that you meet face to face on a regular basis will help you to boost your motivation to play the game.

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