Have a Messed Up Bank? Or you think you have too many items and are running out of Bank Space? Or you simply cant decide which items go where? Dont Worry, we have answers to all your problems, Order for a Bank Settling Service and leave the rest on us.

We charge a fixed rate of $30 USD to settle your Rs Bank.

What we do is:

  • We make sure we drop all unwanted junk and unnecessary items which are occupying bank space.

  • We settle the needed items into various tabs making it easier to spot.

  • The Customization is based on sub categories of items used in the game.

Finally you will be left with more bank space and a professionally organized bank which will help you have an amazing experience while playing the game.

We have trained staff who settle banks for clients in no time since our staff has the knowledge due to the experience of all these years playing the game as to which items are needed and which you do not need.

We have no reason to prolong any orders and so you can be rest assured that the service will be done as soon as possible,the sooner the order is completed, the better for the both of us.

We love to keep our clients updated with the status of the virtual order so make sure to add us on Skype or Discord so that we can send you a message whenever we have a new update on your order.

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Bank Settling Service
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Terms of Service

  • We guarantee a 100% manual service, we do not use any bots or macros which can harm your account.
  • The Price in USD is the dollar rate we accept by Paypal/Skrill/RSGP/BTC/ETH/LTC/Other Cryptos.
  • Payments have to be made before the Service is started and NO REFUND is available after the payment is made.
  • Make sure you understand that the bank settling service is a part of our customised service and we do not guarantee a specific way of settling the bank however we have done orders for clients in the past and so have attached a few screenshots below, if you do not like it, do not order as we will not be liable to any refunds based on personal opinions.
  • Also Please Note that these prices are for the service only.
  • We would never do any rule breaking on the account and so there should be no mutes or bans however if the account is banned or muted we do not stand responsible for the same.

By contacting us you agree to all the above Terms of Service.