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Abyssal Reach
Unlock access to the Abyss (Miniquest)
Almost as Perky as a Prawn
Unlock all the Prawn Perks from your Aquarium.
Earn the Annihilator' title by fighting all four nihil at once.
Arc – Ancient Eastern Tortle Portals
Activate all tortle portals on The Islands That Once Were Turtles. (X/3)
Arc I – Flag Fall
Complete the 'Flag Fall' miniquest.
Arc II – Head of the Family
Complete the 'Head of the Family' miniquest.
Arc III – Spiritual Enlightenment
Complete the 'Spiritual Enlightenment' miniquest.
Arc IV- Jed Hunter
Complete the `Jed Hunter' miniquest.
Arc IX – Damage Control
Complete the `Damage Control' miniquest.
Arc V- Eye for an Eye
Complete the 'Eye for an Eye` miniquest.
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