How to Get the First Hit in Staking on Rs3

Its commonly known by duelers that when two opponents of equal combat stats and equipment are having a duel, the one who will be the first to hit the other will tend to win more often.

Getting the first hit was meant to be “random” to Runescape players. However it is not …let me explain…

When you log in to Runescape, your character is assigned a personal identification number (PID). This number can range anywhere from 1 to 2000. You can think of it as a “luck factor” or even a “priority number”. The lower that number is, the “luckier” and more prioritized you become.

So your PID, or “luck factor” as I like to call it, is implicated with many things. For instance, when clicking on a balloon in the party room at the same time as somebody else, the game engine will give priority to the player with the lowest PID. Another example would be when a player casts the telekenetic grab spell, say on wines of zamorak, in same time as another player. The player with the lowest PID will always get it – even if you see that the motion of casting the spell appears to be in same time. Your PID, or priority/luck factor level will tell the game engine to give you the wine. So whichever player is having the lowest PID will get the wine. This concept is applied in many areas of the game, including player-killing in the wilderness, dueling/staking and more.

When you start a duel and the screen displays the [3-2-1-go] before the fight, it will not matter how fast you will have spam clicked your opponent. Simply, the one with the lowest PID will get the first hit, and usually the overall highest hits as well.

So before a stake, If you know that your player identification number is lower than that of your opponent, you will get a guaranteed first hit and an improved chance to win the fight. In Runescape 3, unlike Runescape classic, you cannot see the exact PID number (In RSC, you could look at Java source code).

So you can only know if your PID is higher or lower than your opponents (but that’s well enough to get a first hit anyway). So here are two tricks that are easy to do and that WORK.

Trick #1 Ask your opponent to follow you – tell him you’re going to a place with less lag. Now as he follows you, observe the way he follows you. If he trails behind, the he’s got a higher PID than you, and hence you should get the first hit. If he follows you up tight, he will be the one to get the first hit. Observe in the video below:

If he follows you up tight, you might want to have a small stake with him, since he will get the first hit. Once you’ve staked him once, you may ask him to switch to another world (Switching worlds will reset PIDS for both of you). As a trick, you can tell him for instance that you would like to go to a world with less lag… it’s up to you!

Before heading towards the duel arena, you can test out your PID with a friend. If yours is too high, then log out and back in. If you then get a lower PID than your friend, have him log out and back in till he can beat you again. Repeat untill you feel you have a good enough PID.

Trick #2 You can also simply duel with your friend for fun and have him log back and in and yourself aswell untill you feel you have a good PID. You may also verify this by doing telekenetic grab over an object with your friend and see who gets it first though the easiest method would be the first one. Just thought about giving you options.

Theories and Observations :

Me and you are not the engineers who made the game engine but the best we can do is to support each other with theories and experiences to perfect ourselves. Here are a few observations I have come to conclusions with :

#1 PID seems to change after about 30 minutes and 2 hours of being logged in. #2  When fighting against an opponent in a duel several times in a row, the first hit is sometimes alternated between one another. HOWEVER, I have felt that even if you have a higher PID and by a rare occasion you hit second, you still seem to get the stronger (luckier) hits and usually catch up really well. #3 I have felt at times that after logging in, your PID will usually improve after a little time spent logged in and not go down. (Still a theory by all means).

U may come to conclusions with more observations or theories of your own so good luck on making money staking with your new trick. Some people already rely on this and gained millions with this trick. Happy Staking! 🙂