How to Poly Stake & Avoid Scams?

Staking is the best money making opportunity that you can come to in RuneScape. Staking is not much different than pk-ing, not much different at all, only no running when you stake. And in pk-ing, you will always get some loot, where as in staking, you will only get what the victim stakes. Staking is based on patience, skill, concentration, and luck. It is the hobby of many RuneScape players, such as myself, we go out and clash with one another for the prize, often money, staking is a very good business if you only have the patience.

How to Polypore Stake?

1. Weild a charged Polypore staff and head to w54 Duel Arena on RS3.

2. Make sure you have Legacy Combat mode on with autocast spell activated. 3. Have 28 vials in inventory. 4. Send challenge (staked) to opponent or accept if a challenge was sent to you. 5. Make sure you check the inventory and equipment icon well to avoid Scams. 6. Check rules, accept, double check, then accept 2nd screen. 7. Spam click opponent and hope for the best.

Scams to watch out for:

1. Item Smuggle : One of the biggest and most common scams you want to watch out for is the item smuggle scam, where you miss out on checking your opponents inventory or equipment tab with 100% concentration. You may think you will be safe probably because you have legit-ally staked the same person before, but when you press challenge your really challenging an opponent who has smuggled in veng runes/rune pouch/shield/chaps/defence boosting bows/staffs and other items like food/boosts/etc. So make sure when anyone challenges you, you make an effort to check each time you do a match failing with which eventually you will be scammed. Another similar scam that is not as common is 24 vials instead of 28, they are missing a row in trade but sometimes you don’t notice, just double check and look at how many inventory spaces they have left. If they have 4 spaces left they are normally hiding veng runes/shield.

2. Summoning Scam/Melee Scam/Range Scam/Gear Scam : Here the opponent makes changes to the Rules of the stake while your busy checking the Inventory/Equipment. Sadly they dis-select the “cannot use melee” rule or “cannot use range” rule and tick the “cannot use mage” rule, this is where they end up Boxing you till you die resulting in you being scammed since you have your polystaff equipped and would be restricted from removing it since you have a full inventory resulting in a successful scam. Or they may switch rules and end up taking their follower into the stake which will kill you in seconds. To avoid such scams just make sure you add the poly rules to your favorites so you could just press the favorite button and see if any changes are highlighted.