Rs 3: Player Owned Farm (POF)

On September 3, 2018, Rs released Player Owned Farm which is a brand new way to train your Farming Skill. Read this on to find out more about how to start off, how to get the animals for your farm, and what rewards you will get.


Those wishing to brave the world of tillage and animal husbandry will need:

·  17 Farming

·  20 Construction

·  Access to the Ardougne Lodestone

·  RuneScape Membership

Starting off

To get started, you are going to the farm which is right next to the Ardougne lodestone, head over to Granny Potterington, and she will give you a basic tutorial on how to get your farm up and running.

Once you have completed the tutorial, you’ll start by farming rabbits, before working your way up through a range of species, all the way up to Dragons.

How to get the animals for the farm?

You can get animals for your farm by:

·  Hunting

·  Summoning

·  Farming Mushrooms

·  Killing Animals

However, you can also buy some animals from Granny should you prefer.

Once you have the animals you need, there are 4 different pens: small, medium, large and the breeding pen which is where you can make lots of babies and try and create the perfect breed.

Breeding new animals can result in different perks and traits, and bred animals can even have multiple stackable traits. For example, a bred animal may be less susceptible to disease, or instead return greater than normal XP. Some may have a higher potential to poo gold – yes, you heard us correctly.

As your animal grows, you’ll be able to gather XP and farming materials from it. There’s also the chance of producing an ultra-rare shiny version of an animal which will yield even more XP and rewards as well. However, because Mod Raven worked on this farm, you may also find yourself birthing an evil animal. Because of course he would make that possible…

Mucking Out – a new way to get compost

Everybody poos and your new farm animals are no exception. Luckily there’s a silver lining to the animals’ tendency to distribute their produce far and wide – you can use this as a training method to help you get more farming XP! With the poo itself you can make standard compost. Plus, if you’re lucky enough to have a dragon on your farm, you can use dragon muck to create the all-new Ultra Compost.


In terms of the rewards from Player Owned Farm, there are

·  Standard and Ultra Compost

·  All new Skilling Potions! (starting from standard, and working up to extremes) – secondary items are gained from gathering from the animals.

The Skilling Potions skills are: Divination, Hunter, Invention and RuneCrafting

·  There is also the brand new ‘Elite Farmers Outfit’. This is the first Elite Skilling Outfit that is not from Treasure Hunter and is gained in-game.

In addition, if you are a Gold Premier Club Member, there is a chest in the Grand Exchange. Inside you’ll find yourself a new pet, and you can also get some Magic beans from the Premier Club Vault NPC.