Rs3 Staking Tips

No one truly has staking/betting down to a formula, however these few tips and tricks have helped me make loads of money at the duel arena and so I am sharing them with you, hope it helps…

1. You can’t win/lose forever. Each stake is 50/50. It’s all probability, so I suppose staking has some sort of formula. However, the chance of someone winning on 6x loss is not much higher than if they were 2x loss or 1x win after 5x loss. For all we know, the person who calls a host could also be on a big losing streak. Because of this, I don’t recommend doubling your bet each loss. Sometimes a host could get extremely unlucky and go 10x loss, which really isn’t that unusual. However, if you like these odds then perhaps starting to bet on 4x loss would be a good starting point. And anything more than 3-4x wins, the chance of someone to keep winning decreases.

2. Stop getting cleaned! Seriously. You should never be betting anymore than a MAX of 5-10% of your bank, depending on the size of your bank. It’s just not worth the risk going higher. Let’s say your bank is 100m but you bet 25m, the host loses and you bet 35m. Well if that host goes 2x loss, you are now left with 40m… You’re no longer trying to make money. Your whole focus now is to try and get back what you lost and it’s just one messy situation that’s not worth the headache. It usually leads to careless betting, ultimately ending in you being cleaned.

3. Change your mindset. Only take out a small portion of your bank to bet with. If your bank is 100m, only take out 15-20m. Then, get into the mindset that the 15-20m in your pouch is all the money you have on your account.

4. Make it physically impossible. This is mostly for rich players who tend to rage stake. Let’s say you have a santa hat & blue h’ween mask. Consider lending one of them out for 24hrs+. That way if you’re down a lot of $, you physically won’t be able to sell your rare item and yolo your money. I mean you could win the yolo, which would be cool, but if you don’t then it’ll be a pretty shitty day for you.

5. It all adds up. You don’t have to double your bank in one day. A very good mentality is to set a very small profits goal per day. Even for myself, if I’m up 100m by the end of the day then it’s a good day. 100m a day = 700m a week = 2.8b/month. Even if you have some bad days and are down a lot, you’ll almost always have more money at the end of the month. To scale it down to someone with 100m bank aiming for 10m profits a day, thats 70m/week and 280m/month. Not to mention as your bank increases you should also increase your profit goals per day. Just take your time, it adds up.

6. Don’t get greedy. I see too many people win 50m, 100m, 500m, even partyhat bets and just keep going and I don’t understand it. If you’re already up a lot, why risk it? I mean it’s your money if you want to take the risk, but most seasoned players at the duel arena have seen people win huge amounts and soon after get cleaned. Sometimes it is hard to stop though.