Top 11 AFK Money Making Methods on RS3

12. Airut – Not very Afk but a gr8 way to make about 2.5m/hr . However if you have a good healing method, T90 armour and weapons then its a good 2-3 mins afk money making method.

11. Elder Trees – Chopping Elder Trees is one of the most afk methods since its about 3 mins till you would have to come back to your screen, however you do need a level of 90 Woodcutting in order to chop them. The maximum you could make by chopping elder trees is about 600k-650k gp/hr.

10. Air Orbs – Charging Air Orbs requires 66 Magic which is about a min or a min and a half afk however isnt really good xp however gets you a decent amount of cash which is about 700k profit/hr. The only thing you need to be careful of is getting pked.

9. Stealing from Elves – Thieving level of 91 needed and access to Priff, however this is one of the best ways to get about 700k gp/hr. The amount wearies depending on which Clan you steal from.

8. Incandescent Energy, Elder Energy and Cursed Energy – Best Consistent way to make cash is converting memories to Elder Energy which is over 500k/hr however there is a quest needed to access the Divine location. Another method is converting Cursed Energy to Elder or Incandescent Energy which is an awesome way to make cash however Cursed Energy Location is based in the wilderness hence the chance of being pked is high Please note there is no level requirement for collecting Cursed Energy but there is a level requirement to convert the energies.

7. Fight Kiln – Not completely afk but a good money making method, only times you need to be there at your screen is every 10 levels. A min of 1.1m is what you could make in 35 mins afking it.

6. Cannonballs – Making Cannonballs is 1min and a half for an inventory and is a lovely money making method for lower levels as you only need 35 Smithing and it is about 1.7m profit/hr.

5. Cave Horrors – 58 Slayer is needed to kill these NCP’s and also Cabin Fever Quest. They have a common drop rate for Black Masks which are over 1.8m each and you would 100% get one per hr so its a good money making method.

4. Dark Beasts – Good Drops as well as good Range/Mage xp gained. They drop high level herbs (noted) along with alot of rare items and stacks of coins so a good afk method for higher levels.

3. Muspahs – They drop a ton of Rune Items and a few Dragon items too which are worth the trip. About 3.5-4.5m profit/hr which is worth afking however you would have to glance back to pick drops each time.

2. Rorarii – They drop expensive Keys which is pretty good for money making which is 3-5m profit/hr if afking which could shoot up to about 3-4m/hr if you do not afk. However it is pretty difficult to find a free world for them as most people use this money making method.

1. Chaos Dwarf – They are low level NCP’s and drop a Dragon Pickaxe as their rare drop which is completely worth it. Although the drop rate is 1/5000 but its 100% worth the wait as its about 6m profit/hr considering you get one pickaxe every 2-3 hrs.

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